Our company is a Hungarian start-up on the field of development of a drying technology that changes fundamentally the previous knowledge about timber drying. As this technology raised the interests of more investors and banks we established the Woodries Ltd with them.

Our professional experience has a long history, which is the guarantee for getting our machinery in high quality for deadline.

Time is money. Wood drying for long weeks is a problem both in planning and logistics. Spare much money and space in the plant and make the production faster as well. Serve your customers with dry wood in the shortest time ever. Apply heat treatment cost-efficiently and only for the required quantity.

Expand your plant with the high-efficient wood dryer. Forget about drying wood for long weeks, months and dry the wet wood to get it ready for process in less than 24 hours! Use Woodries Ltd’s wood dryer machine in your timber processing plant and cover the requirements of dry woods in-house or for other wood companies!

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Our cutting-edge technology changes the way of drying. With this new patent protected drying technology, it is possible to dry high quality lumber only in a few hours. During the drying, the process of heat transfer is occurred with optically filtered infrared radiation, where the wood dries differently than it was known before! The process goes in vacuum under programmed pressure, because in certain parts of the process requires different amount of dehumidification. Opposed to the similarly fast high temperature drying:

  • there is no residual stress
  • humidity remains consistent in the wood
  • its mechanical and geometrical characteristics do not deteriorate
  • colour of the wood does not change
  • due to the fast drying the amount of harmful compounds is minimal in the condensate

Further advantages

The process can be monitored and controled from your phone or computer. The drying machinery can be modularly extended, its maximal capacity is limited only by the vacuum and electric systems. In case of middle and large industrial machinery heating can be operated economically by renewable energies. The machinery is eligible for the heat treating of the timber as well, on one side or the whole cross section until 250C.


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The machinery is produced in special sizes in Hungary, with full accordance with the client’s needs. The smallest recommended size of the drying machinery has 10 m2 surface area. The smallest machine is capable of drying 200 m3 wood in a year from 50mm oak particle boards (from freshly cut to 8%). The capacity can be increased modularly, applying more drying tables.



If we raised your interest feel free to contact me so that we can offer you a solution according to your specific needs.

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You are welcomed at our establishment where you can try the machinery in person!

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